I decided to add coding sections to this website because the goal of this site is to get one of the biggest ressources for Quake related files. First we started with Quake 3 Arena coding tutorials. The first 10 tuts of the old Code3Arena website are online. All the others are added soon.

Today i added two of the greatest mods for Quake 1. Nehahra Quake Nehahra Quake Episode 4 Painkeep v2.0 Painkeep v2.01 Painkeep v2.2 Feel free to download and play around.

I added 5 great Quake 1 Single Player maps from simonoc.com. The maps great in detail and playability. Donwload them and play it. It really worth the download. The maps are : The Horde of Zendar Metal Monstrosity Midnight Stalker Backsteingothik The Ivory Tower Download and have fun.

The developer of Quake Dodgeball released a new version. Releasedate was the 29th of March 2016. Here you can see the Trailer for Version 1.2. Under the Trailer you see a list of improvements. Third Release: Quake Dodgeball v1.2 -A short version of „Unreleased Aggression“ by Trickle will now play at launch! – A new
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Yesterday I added some more files for Quake 1. The new Trenchbroom Editor in Version 2.0.0 beta really worth the download. I tried it yesterday. I runs well on windows 10. So i think it will work on other windows versions too.