Quake 2 Files

Holy Wars for Quake II

Holy Wars is a deathmatch mod for 3 or more players. It’s extrememly simple in concept and operation, but incredibly fun. Holy Wars is strongly oriented towards mayhem and carnage, rather than subtle strategy and tactics. Who needs strategy, btw? GORE! WE WANT MORE GORE!

Q2 N64

This is a direct port of the first 4 maps from the Nintendo 64 version of Quake 2. All maps were built from scratch, using the N64 version as visual reference. No new items and custom textures were added. It was tested on the kmquake2 source port, but should work on any other Quake 2
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Roots for Quake II

Roots is a single-player campaign for Quake2. It consists of 10 maps combined into an episode. – 100% original author’s textures. – some sounds and music from other games. 1. Extract the contents of the archive to the root directory of Quake2. 2. Roots_start.cmd to run the mod 3. Roots_Credits.cmd to view titles 4. To
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