14. July 2020

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Epsilon bugfix for Nvidia drivers and “Ultra” mode

  • Version 1.0
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  • Create Date 13. January 2020
  • Last Updated 13. January 2020

Epsilon bugfix for Nvidia drivers and "Ultra" mode

Due to a well-documented bug with newer-than-2015 Nvidia drivers under windows, and the darkplaces engine, you may experience some texture glitching
if running epsilon in "Ultra" mode on an Nvidia graphics card, on Windows.

Fortunately, Nvidia did take the time to fix the same bug for GLQuake. So by renaming darkplaces.exe to GLQuake.exe, we avoid the problem.

To complain about this problem to Nvidia, go here:

To install, simply extract the zip to your epsilon folder and let it overwrite the contents.

This "patch" includes fixes for all epsilon addons and mission packs as well as the original installation - it doesn't not contain the addons or mission packs obviously, so if you want to use those, install them first then use this patch.