1. August 2021

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Lost Arena

  • Version 1.0
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  • File Size 53.31 MB
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  • Create Date 1. January 2021
  • Last Updated 1. January 2021

Lost Arena

Quake III: Lost Arena is a MOD.

This MOD has an enhanced graphics, that could
have been in final version of Q3A but was not released by id Software.
Also it can be called Mission or Map Pack. I think it's just Lost Arena.
Some of the things, ideas etc. were released some of them were not.

"'s a map pack with enhanced graphic interface..." - Zindahsh


-new menu background
-new console font
-new hud numbers
-new item icons
-new machinegun model
-new shotgun skin
-new plasmagun model/skin
-new railgun glass skin
-gauntlet replaced by chainsaw
-new lightning gun model
-modified quad effect
-enhanced machinegun, shotgun and lightning gun flashes
-modified rocket smoke
-modified plasma gun flash
-modified plasma shot and mark
-new medkit model
-modified health spheres and crosses
-new invisibility effect
-new hit sound
-modified lost, taken, tied lead sounds
-new plat sounds
-modified footsteps sounds
-modified in, out, under water sounds
-modified machinegun shot sounds
-new chainsaw sounds
-new plasma gun shot sound
-idlogo.RoQ replaced by Quake III: Lost Arena intro