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Midnight Stalker

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Midnight Stalker

Midnight Stalker is a single player map for Quake 1. It originally started out as a concept map, but the initial layout was a lot of fun with plenty of "up and over" routes that it developed into a proper map. The layout is about the monsters being in positions of strength and the player having to adapt to each new situation. Each skill level has different monsters types, in different positions and can be played progressively for a different experience of the map. All weapons, ammo and health are the same on all skill levels. It is assumed the player will be more frugal with ammo/health consumption on higher difficulty settings.

For further details on this map check the following web page:

Brushwork concepts are like sketching or doodling on paper but instead of creating something from one view point it is a 3D object that can look and feel different from many sides. It is about trying to find harmony in shapes and creating new style directions.

One of my favourite maps of Quake is E3M6 "Chambers of Torment". A map at the end of Episode 3 "The Netherworld" featuring a strong blue palette and a lovely mixture of harsh metal angles and interesting shapes.

The original map has many core architectural components and most are linked to a certain textures and patterns. The walls were split by tall blue panels of merging faces, rooms were divided by harsh metal trellis patterns and pools of lava were bubbling below Mayan metal snakes weaving across the floors.

The initial idea was to take the core components and deconstruct them to see what their basic shapes look like. Once the right shape is found then to extend the design using iteration's to find more variants of the same style and finally glue it all together again.

Using only the existing textures (added two, changed one and left out six) the map is about the essence of E3M6 but warped into a new direction. Luckily the textures are not designed for specific shapes and are perfect for wrapping around any brush shape and still look good.