7. July 2020

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Quake 1.5 HD PublicBeta1

  • Version 1.5
  • Download 44
  • File Size 1,713.12 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date 24. May 2020
  • Last Updated 24. May 2020

Quake 1.5 HD PublicBeta1

This MOD is a (much needed) graphical overhaul for Quake 1.5 Public Beta 1: a set of texture-replacements taken from other MODs and here and there in Internet and added together to Quake 1.5, so that it also looks acceptable - or even very good! - for modern standards. Making these texture-sets work in Quake 1.5 has required a certain amount of effort, due to the complexity of the internal structure of Quake 1.5 itself. Therefore I decided to create a new MOD, name it "Quake 1.5 HD", so that everyone can easily enjoy the new weapons and the new gore system in combination with high resolution textures.