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The Horde of Zendar

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The Horde of Zendar

The Horde of Zendar is a single player map for Quake 1. The map started out with such grand plans! A large hub with a giant royal palace perched on the top, two large city areas on either side for the gold and silver keys, a large vertical gothic style church and a huge city facade overlooking a deep canyon with an iron bridge! Crazy plans!?!

For further details on this map check the following web page:

For many years the trail through the Grendal Gorge was a dangerous place, the path was plagued by thieves trying to help travelers part with their gold. At the request of the Merchants Guild the King built several small keeps along the trail and one of them was called Zendar.

As traders used the stone keep for refuge from the packs of thieves roaming the paths below, the tiny keep of Zendar grew into a hodge podge of housing bursting at the seams of a once simple stone keep. The cramped living conditions were unbearable and the citizens of the city were at each others throats.

With the accidental death of the captain of the guards, the remaining silver knights tore the city apart looking for culprits to blame for their leaders untimely demise. No prisoners were taken, Zendar did not have any jails, anyone foolish enough to be caught was buried alive in the city walls as the place descended into madness.

The lucky few who did escape were found wandering the Gorge screaming ...
... the Horde of Zendar take no prisoners!