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Uber Arena 0.4

  • Version 0.4
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  • File Size 68.57 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date 24. May 2020
  • Last Updated 24. May 2020

Uber Arena 0.4

This is version 0.4 of Uber Arena. Includes 4 new maps, several visual and audio clarity improvements, voice acting by Christian Antkow, and more!

- Christian Antkow, the original Quake 3 announcer, now voices the Conservation and Scavenger power-ups, the Tyrant medal, and the main menu intro. HUGE thanks for your work; it is a real honor to have you involved in my mod!

- Added 4 new maps:

- Torn to Shreds (uadm9)
Original Author: Dan "CardO" Shannon
NOTE: Based on the QueToo version; originally a Quake 2 map

- Factory Frenzy (uadm10)
Original Author: Nick "Nickster" Hambrecht

- Out on a Capture (uactf1)
Original Author: Tigger-On
NOTE: CTF version of Out on a Rampage (uadm3)

- Spirit Collision (uactf2)
Original Author: Tim "spirit" Schäfer

- Newly redesigned menu, with a cool Matrix background effect courtesy of Stefan "sst13" Scholz (from his "Campgrounds Matrix Edition" map)

- Holdable items, as well as the gauntlet / machinegun, can now be dropped by players upon death or specating. If the Storage Capsule is dropped, it will revert to Standby Mode, and any item carried in it at the time (if any) will be dropped along with it, including items that normally couldn't be dropped like armor and health.

- Storage Capsule now displays the icon of the item it is currently carrying above its own icon.

- Players carrying uberweapons can now be identified by glowing orbs encircling their player model. The color of the orb corresponds to whatever weapon they are currently carrying; for example, players with the Homing Rocket Launcher will have a red orb.

- New piercing machinegun sound.

- New homing rocket sound (tracking beep noises).

- New multi-grenade skin (hazard stripes; brighter green light flash).

- New arc lightning color (gold).

- New ion plasma bolt color (magenta); inspired by the Q3Test plasma gun.

- New toxic railgun sound (hiss).

- New BFG30K bolt color (blue).

- New Conservation firing sounds.

- New Scavenger aura.

- New map loading screen.

- Added the g_bouncy cmd. Treats all walkable surfaces as trampolines. Intended for development purposes, but can be fun to play around with.

- Ubered ammo no longer used up while Conservation is active.

- Moved Storage Capsule state messages to the client; now prints as large text in the same manner as the normal holdable activation message.

- Fixed a bug where players that approached a flag with a capture-mode Storage Capsule would look like they picked up the flag, even though they really didn't (and cannot)

- Fixed weapon limit stats being hidden by flag indicators in CTF.

- Fixed a bug that would cause items knocked onto movers to continue to be affected by those movers after respawning.

- Fixed a bug that prevented players who weren't carrying the enemy flag from returning their own flag by touching it.

- Fixed a bug in which a knocked-away flag that returned to its location didn't generate a return announcement, and would continue to identify as missing.

- Fixed a bug in which a player who uses an item they were currently carrying in the Storage Capsule would cause the original item (the one they picked up and captured in the first place) to disappear as if it had been picked up.

- Fixed a homing rocket related movement bug that persisted due to only appearing in .vm compiled game code.

- Fixed a bug in which the game would crash if a player attempted to use an item in the Storage Capsule that was originally a dropped item.