20. May 2022

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Ui Enhanced 1.2 Beta Mod

Ui Enhanced 1.2 Beta Mod

Ui Enhanced 1.2 Beta Mod.

Merged in bug fixes and improved code from 1.32 source release.

Fractional bot skill selection when creating skirmish or multiplayer games. Also for bots added using the ingame menus.

New bot selection mode: Play an arena with the map author recommended number of bots, but randomly chosen from a list you provide.

Support for Punkbuster when creating servers.

Detection of Punkbuster enabled Q3 executables: Punkbuster specific features are hidden when UIE is run on 1.30 or 1.31.

Recognition of all demo protocols compatible with 1.32 (protocols 66,67,68).

Fixed problems initializing the 1.17/1.27 mouse input style.

Two non-critical GUI glitches fixed.

  • Version 1.2
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  • Create Date 3. July 2020
  • Last Updated 3. July 2020