18. January 2021

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Ya3dag V2.10 Windows installer

Ya3dag V2.10 Windows installer

Chests with loot. Minecraft like inventory. Some new blocks.

Major rework of the inventory. Change from 'quake 2' to 'minecraft' style.
The first 9 entries of the player inventory are shown in the hotbar.
There is also an off-hand slot for items that are carried in the right hand.
The selected item is shown in the right hand of the player model. A
equipped off-hand item is shown in the left hand (only if the model supports it).

* Removed the 'Weight' icon (and the calculation/testing of)
max weight of items in the inventory).
* Replaced the 'Quick access to items' by the hotbar.

Added blocks
* Chests
Chests are added during level generation to caves
or dungeons. Also a bonus chest is added near the
players start position.
Items can be exchanged between a chest and the player
* Heads & Skulls
Heads and skulls added for decorative purposes.

Changed blocks
* Signs
Standing on the ground a sign can have 16 different
directions. Signs can be labeled.
* Torch
Hurts when the player touches it.
* Cactus
Hurts when the player touches it.
* Fire
Reworked fire model.
Hurts when the player touches it.
* Snow
Snow has 8 different height levels. Levels can be added.
Default as top of snow biomes is the lowest level height.

Biome files
* Added entries to describe random filling of chests.

* Support of weather for voxel levels.

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