30. September 2022

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Drunk Rocket

Created By:CheapAlert
Difficulty Scale:Easy

Today, we’re gonna screw up the everyday over-predictable rocket. This is VERY easy to do, it’s so easy even Caterina Bandini can do it. Let’s go over to WEAPONS.QC.

Head on down to W_FireRocket. Paste this above the W_FireRocket function:

void() RocketScrewUp = 
        self.velocity = ((self.velocity + ((v_right * 121.000) * crandom ())) + ((v_up * 121.000) * crandom ()));
        self.nextthink = time + 0.08; // screw up fast
        self.think = RocketScrewUp;

Obviously this puts this rocket randomly off course. Can work for other projectiles. Works great for insect guns like the HornetGun from Half-Life.

Go into the W_FireRocket function and find this:

// set missile duration
	missile.nextthink = time + 5;
	missile.think = SUB_Remove;

and change it to something like this

 // set missile drunkation
        missile.nextthink = time + 0.1; // Assume it's safe to screw away....
        missile.think = RocketScrewUp;

And……….we are done. Compile and run. Fire the rocket. That wasn’t so overwhelming was it? Now you can play fair with n00bs. Now autoaim won’t serve a purpose.

Have fun – CheapAlert