30. September 2022

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Created By:Sestze
Difficulty Scale:Easy/Medium (up to the reader)

Step 1.

Add the following code to weapons.qc, near the top.

Hunter Killer
By: Sestze (enjoy!)

//Function Prototypes
void() W_HunterFire;
void() T_HunterTouch;
void() S_HunterThink;
entity(entity startz, float cr_range, float wall) Checkrad;

//Fire Function
void() W_HunterFire =
	sound(self, CHAN_WEAPON, "weapons/sgun1.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM); 	//Classic rocket fire
	self.currentammo = self.ammo_rockets = self.ammo_rockets - 1; 	//Subtract a rocket
	local entity hunter; 						//Make an entity
	hunter = spawn(); 						//Spawn it
	hunter.classname = "Hunter killer"; 				//Give it a classname
	hunter.owner = self; 						//You own this baby.
	hunter.oldenemy = self;						//You will need this
	hunter.movetype = MOVETYPE_FLY; 				//Flies around
	hunter.solid = SOLID_BBOX; 				//Solid - Touch on edge, block (Pickable items and missiles)
	makevectors(self.v_angle);					//Make vectors from your current viewing angle
	hunter.velocity = v_forward * 240;			//Fly forward at 240 units (trust me, you will want this)
	hunter.angles = vectoangles(hunter.velocity);			//Set the angles for the object
	hunter.nextthink = time + 0.25;					//Quarter second out, activate
	hunter.think = S_HunterThink;					//Activation and thinking function
	hunter.touch = T_HunterTouch;					//Touch Function
	setmodel(hunter, "progs/missile.mdl");				//Set the model
	setsize(hunter, '0 0 0', '0 0 0');				//Set the size
	setorigin(hunter, self.origin + '0 0 16');			//Set the origin

//Touch function
void() T_HunterTouch =
	if(other == self.owner)						//Don't want it blowin up on ya, do ya?

	T_RadiusDamage (self, self.oldenemy, 100, world);		//Damage!
	WriteByte (MSG_BROADCAST, SVC_TEMPENTITY);			//Temp entity - Explosion
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, self.origin_x);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, self.origin_y);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, self.origin_z);

//Think code
void() S_HunterThink =
	//Hunter finds an enemy
	if((self.enemy == world) || (self.enemy.health < 0))		//Checks if enemy is dead or doesnt have enemy
		self.enemy = Checkrad(self, 1000, TRUE);
	local vector vele, vels;					//velocity enemy, velocity self
	local vector ph;						//Place holder
	//The tack to opponent
	vele = (self.enemy.origin + '0 0 16') - self.origin;		//Finds the unit vector towards the enemy
	vele = normalize(vele);
	//Current tack
	vels = normalize(self.velocity);				//defines current vector
	//Check tack to enemy
	traceline(self.origin, self.origin + vele * 10000, FALSE, self);	//Traceline to enemy
	if((trace_fraction != 0) && (self.enemy != world))
		ph = vele + vels + vels + vels + vels;			//Enemy velocity plus 4 times self velocity
		//Placeholder over three
		ph = ph * (1/5);					//Averaging
		//Setvelocity and here we go!	
		self.velocity = normalize(vels + ph);			//Set the velocity
		self.velocity = self.velocity * 240;			//And you are on your way
	//Check current tack 320 units ahead
	traceline(self.origin, self.origin + vels * 320, FALSE, self);	//Traceline in front (check for walls)
	if((trace_fraction < 0.2))
		ph = trace_plane_normal;				//Find direction that is perpindicular to the wall
		ph = ph + vels + vels;					//Add that direction plus two times your own
		ph = ph * (1/3);					//Averaging
		self.velocity = normalize(vels + ph);			//Set the velocity
		self.velocity = self.velocity * 240;			//And you are on your way
	//Set the angles	
	self.angles = vectoangles(self.velocity);			//Set angle
	self.aflag = self.aflag + 1;					//Add to "idle hands" counter
	if(self.aflag >= 500)						//5.25 seconds is up....
		self.owner = world;					//No more owner, it will attack spawner
	//Hunter thinks
	self.nextthink = time + 0.01;					//Nextthink will be quick to avoid running into walls

//Check radius function
entity(entity startz, float cr_range, float wall) Checkrad =
	local entity finder;						//The .chain entity
	local float cr_ran;						//The range holder
	local entity blodger;						//Entity placeholder
	cr_ran = 1200;							//Set to above the detection radius
	finder = findradius(startz.origin, cr_range);			//Finds anything within cr_range units of self
		if((CanDamage(finder, self)) || (!wall))	//If I can see him, or if I just ignore walls alltogether
			if(finder.health > 0)				//If he lives
				if(finder != self.owner)		//If he aint my daddy
					if(vlen(finder.origin - self.origin) < cr_ran)	//If the range of that guy is less than the previous
						blodger = finder;	//Blodger holds who that is
						cr_ran = vlen(finder.origin - self.origin);	//resets cr_ran for next time
		finder = finder.chain;	//Loop chain
	if(blodger != world)	//If Blodger isn't the world
		return blodger;	//blodger is returned
	else			//If blodger = world
		return world;	//return the world

Step 2.

Scroll down to this line: 977 of weapons.qc. Where it should read: W_FireRocket(); Replace W_FireRocket with W_HunterFire();

A quick rundown of what happens (in english):

The Missile is spawned via the W_HunterFire() function, and it flys at 240 units, it constantly checks a radius of 1000 units for an enemy or other silly bugger, and targets them. It then flies towards the target, trying to avoid walls and other odd things on the way. On contact, it makes itself into an explosion, then calls the T_RadiusDamage function, dealing 100 damage, at the epicenter.

The reason why I used an entity function to find opponents was for simplicity for any other homing weapons in future. It finds anything within a giant radius (or a small one, your call), and finds the closest one possible.

Alright, I’m done here, Have fun with new rockets that fly after opponents.