25. June 2022

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Quake Dodgeball V1.2 released

The developer of Quake Dodgeball released a new version. Releasedate was the 29th of March 2016. Here you can see the Trailer for Version 1.2. Under the Trailer you see a list of improvements.

Third Release: Quake Dodgeball v1.2

-A short version of “Unreleased Aggression” by Trickle will now play at launch!
– A new conback created by Moon[Drunk]
– New original short victory songs for both teams by Trickle
– New sounds added, including original fight and headshot voices!
– The Homing Ball now has a new look!
– The Fire Ball now has animated textures!
– New Roflcopter ball and skins!
– Improved bot AI
– Three new maps by negke: dbcourt, dbmeadow, and dbvolcano
– Updates and colored lighting added to previous maps
– A new ability to deflect regular dodgeballs
– Improved catching animation
– Sprinting now has a sound
– Ice dodgeballs now cause other players to drop their special dodgeballs
– Damage from regular dodgeballs along with power thrown ones are increased
– Damage from Fire Ball damage now increased
– A new special dodgeball pick up 😉

: : Darkplaces is highly recommended for bots! : :