30. September 2022

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Semi-auto Firing

Created By:CheapAlert
Difficulty Scale:Easy

You probably have played Counter-Strike and fired the pistol, that you have to keep clicking rapidly to start the usual everyday argue fight on a CS server. Well today we’re gonna make the shotgun fire like a pistol from CS. It’s easy. It’ll take Quake a step closer to the worst game in the history of games. Except that this turns the shotgun into a trustworthy riotgun.

Step 1.

First break into DEFS.QC, drop down to the bottom edge of the file, hit enter several times, then type in:

.float semi; // CHP - Semiauto 

Save and close DEFS.QC.

Step 2.


Go to W_Attack function


	else if (self.weapon == IT_SHOTGUN)
		player_shot1 ();
		W_FireShotgun ();
		self.attack_finished = time + 0.5;

change to:

	else if (self.weapon == IT_SHOTGUN)
                         player_shot1 ();
                         W_FireShotgun ();
                         self.semi = 1; // chpsemiauto
                         self.attack_finished = time + 0.1; // faster

What you see above is the place where once you hold the trigger, it fires once. Pretty much the same way ID did to stop the Quake guy from pogo-stick jumping.

Step 3.

Scroll down to W_WeaponFrame, at this part of the function:

// check for attack
	if (self.button0)
		SuperDamageSound ();
		W_Attack ();

Above the first line, add:

// CHP - Semi Auto Tutorial
        if (!self.button0)
                self.semi = 0; // CHP - Semi Auto Trigger

Save, compile and run. Now pump them with pellets. Repeatedly. Until you get your carpal tunnel syndrome. Enjoy.