10. August 2022

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Spearmint engine…

Spearmint is a heavily modified version of the Quake III Arena engine. It is directly based on ioquake3. It was originally intented to be used exclusively for creating new games but it kept the ability to play the Quake 3 data.

Most interesting features for players:

  • Aspect correct widescreen.
  • High resolution font support (TrueType).
  • Bullet marks on doors and moving platforms.
  • Dynamic lights have smoother edges.
  • Four player splitscreen support.
  • Improved Bot AI.
  • Improved gamepad support.
  • Instagib mode.
  • Unlagged instant hit weapons (optional).

More eye candy:

  • Smooth corpse sinking.
  • Gibs and bullet shells ride on moving platforms.
  • Player shadow moves with model animations.
  • In multiplayer with gibs disabled, bodies no longer become invisible when gibbed.
  • Option to fade out explosion lights instead of shrinking them (set cg_fadeExplosions cvar to 1).

Spearmint is not compatible with Quake III Arena servers, mods (the QVM/DLL files), or demos (game recordings).